How do I buy tickets?

You can purchase tickets in advance from this website, or you can buy them when you arrive from the gate staff. By buying online in advance you will save £7.

Are there any age restrictions on tickets?

Yes. To comply with our licence, all under 18s must be accompanied by an adult. No under 18s will be issued with an under 18s wristband or admitted without being accompanied by an adult.  All under 18s wristbands issued must have the name & contact number of a responsible adult written on the back upon issuing.

What are the ticket prices?

Access to the event, including camping.

Adult: £28.00 pre-booked or £35.00 if you buy on the gate.
Under 18: £ Donation


Access to the event, including camping for Saturday night only.

Adult: £20 (Only available on the gate – from 9am Saturday)
Under 18: £ Donation


Access to the event for all three days without camping (locals ticket)

Adult: £10 (STILL only £10 – Only available on the gate)

Under 18: £ Donation

Should I buy my ticket soon?

It’s totally up to you! Pre-booked ticket sales will close around two days before the event.

Can we buy tickets on the gate?

Yes, we have PLENTY of tickets available & will turn NO-ONE away, however, pre-booking will save you £7.

Can I buy a ticket for just the day?

Day tickets are available on the gate for admission only (no camping) at £10.00 each.

They are ONLY available from the gate.

Why don’t you sell Friday only camping tickets?

Due to the geography of the site, and the nature of the event, it would be very difficult logistically for us to keep track of who had which wristband for which day. It would also add an extra tier of complexity for our volunteer gate staff. We keep the ticket price as low as possible and sell our food and beer at a fair price.

I've booked a ticket on the website but not received an email confirmation

Please check your Junk/Spam box. It sometimes takes up to an hour for this email to come through. If you still cannot find the confirmation email, please get in touch.

When do we receive our tickets?

We do not send out physical tickets. You should receive an immediate email confirmation with an order number – this is all you need! Print this email & bring it with you (or just make a note of the number). Show this email to the people on the gate, and give them the postcode against which the tickets were booked. You will then be given your allotted wristband(s). Please remember to check your “Spam” folders for the email.

I can’t attend anymore, can I get a refund?

We are sorry to hear that. Unfortunately, there are no refunds on purchased tickets. You are welcome to sell your ticket to a friend though.

The Bike Show is held in Calstock, the actual show site does not have a postcode. But if you put PL18 9QA into your satnav, you’ll get pretty close!

If you get to Calstock, you will find the show.

More info can be found on the Venue page (ahem, when we finally get around to finishing it!)

Can you let me know when we can show up?

The gate opens at 8 a.m. on Thursday and you can arrive from then onwards.

Do I need to bring cash with me?

Yes you do! There is no cash machine in the village, the nearest one is at Pearces (top of the hill). The nearest ‘free’ machine is a couple of miles away (Callington or Tavistock).

When do I have to leave by?

We begin the clear up operation on Sunday morning, and the traders will be packing down their stalls. We request that you take down your tents by around midday.

What is your Protection of Children and Missing Children Plan?

The safety of children is something Calstock Bike Show takes very seriously.

All persons under the age of 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.

The ratio of children to adults will not exceed 4:1. (4 < 18’s to 1 Adult).

All persons under the age of 18 years who wish to camp at the event will need to be accompanied by an adult.

Wristbands issued to all persons under 18 will detail the name and contact telephone number (in case of emergency) of the adult accompanying them to the event.

Underage drinking will not be tolerated; any person under 18 years old found drinking or in the possession of alcohol will be directed to a steward/ SIA security staff and escorted to the welfare section of the control tent, their details taken, wristband checked and details logged. The person named on their wristband will then be contacted.

Will I need wellies?

Ask Mother nature?

I have a question that you haven’t answered. How do i get in touch with you?

The best method is to message us on our Facebook page.
Although we try to reply as promptly as possible there is often a delay. All of the event organisers are volunteers and all have full-time jobs. Please be patient, it may take 2-3 days to get back to you (especially if it is a tricky question!).

Can I bring a Camper Van.

Yes, but the can only be parked in the far field. Camper spaces are NOT bookable and are allocated on a first-come, first-served basis. Campers will require a parking permit (£10.00) this can either from the website or on the gate.

I want to bring my Camper Van, but I’d like to park close to my friends who are camping. Can I?

For some safety and logistical reasons we cannot allow campers in the main camping fields, but this year we are allowing Camper Vans in a dedicated vehicle field.  If your friends wish to pitch their tent with you, they can.

Why do we get given a bin bag on entry?

Rubbish is one of the most significant cost to the event. This is both in terms of time and money. The fields where the event is held comprise a playing field and grazing meadow. We have to ensure that the fields are left in the condition that we are lent them.

We litter pick the fields numerous times after the event to ensure they are safe for our children, footballers and livestock.

We encourage you to put all your rubbish in the bins provided.

Extra bags are available at the gate.

Can I bring my dog?

Absolutely, but please bring poo bags too (and use them!)

We allow pet hamsters, and goldfish too – just please no llamas.

Will there be space for us to camp if we just arrive without pre booking?

Absolutely, we have PLENTY of camping available this year, we have a large overflow field & will turn NO-ONE away.

Parking BIKES

Bikes & trikes will be allowed on the main field & in the overflow field as in previous years.

Parking CARS

Cars can be parked in the vehicle field for the weekend.  There will be a £10.00 charge for weekend parking.  The car parking facility is for weekend parking ONLY.  One of the conditions of us having the third field for vehicular use is that we keep vehicular traffic to an absolute minimum.  We are really sorry, but if you wish to come for just one day in a car, you will need to find somewhere to park in the village.  Hopefully our weekend car park will alleviate congestion within the village & free up as much space as possible.  This restriction is beyond our control.


CARS ARE DRIVEN ON SITE AND PARKED ENTIRELY AT THE OWNER’S RISK. Calstock Bike Show accepts no responsibility whatsoever for damage caused whilst on bike show ground.  Furthermore, you are parking in a field.  If the weather is unkind to us, you could well experience issues entering & leaving the parking area.  If you get stuck in our field, you’re on your own I’m afraid!

Can I drive onto the field to drop off my tent etc?

Yes, you can.  You must then move your car to the car park in the vehicle field as soon as possible.  Once in the vehicle field, we request that you do not move your vehicle until you leave on Sunday.  As stated above, one of the conditions of us having the third field for vehicular use is that we keep traffic to an absolute minimum.  We cannot allow coming & going of 4 wheeled vehicles all weekend.  PLEASE ensure that you bring enough of everything that you require for the whole weekend with you.

Can I park my car by my tent?

No, for safety reasons we don’t allow cars into the regular camping area. (see above regarding campervans and cars.)

Are there parking charges?

All 4 wheeled vehicles will be charged £10.00 for parking.  This is to cover the cost of hiring the third field.

But what if I am a Blue Badge holder?

ONLY Blue Badge holders who have booked a permit will be allowed to park on the main field with 4-wheeled vehicles.  No other 4 wheeled vehicles will be allowed onto the main field, other than for the purposes of drop-off.

For anyone that has booked a Blue Badge camping space for their vehicle this year – PLEASE remember to bring your Blue Badge with you as the disabled camping spaces cannot be allocated to anyone without one. You will need to clearly display the Blue Badge in your vehicle for the duration of the Bike Show. Apologies, but it’s another licensing / use of field stipulation.

Is there food on-site?

Yes, a plentiful and varied array of catering is available.

Can I buy food from the local shop?

Unfortunately, we no longer have a village shop. 🙁

Can I bring my own alcohol?

Yes you can, but only into the campsite AND NO GLASS! We keep alcohol prices low and we’d encourage you to support the future of the bike show buy buying from our reasonably priced bar.

Can I take my own alcohol into the arena?

We would prefer that you didn’t.
Please be respectful of our bar and bar staff – you will be asked to leave the bar area if you are seen with drinks bought off the premises.

Are glass bottles allowed on-site?

No, glass bottles are strictly not allowed ANYWHERE on site and will be confiscated or transferred to plastic if spotted by our security and steward teams.

Can we bring our own barbecue?

You can bring your own small barbecues to be used in the camping areas only, but we ask that you act responsibly when using them. Please consider your neighbours, and if you’re using a foil ‘disposable’ barbecue, please bring something to place it on so as not to be a fire risk, or cause damage to the field.  Always make sure the barbecue has been completely dampened down before leaving it, and please make sure you bin it properly or take it home with you when you leave.

What is your Sale of Alcohol Policy?

Only personal amounts of alcohol allowed. Coloured wrist band provides proof of ID when accessing the bar marquee.


Over 18’s Only in Bar Marquee, challenge 25 implemented. Only persons attending event wearing an over 18’s wrist band (thus who’s age is already verified upon entry) shall be served alcoholic beverages.


Any person under 18 years found with alcohol will have it confiscated immediately.


Acceptable forms of ID: Passport, Driver’s Licenses and Pass cards only.

What is your Drugs Policy?

Calstock Bike show will operate a zero tolerance to drug use policy, this includes Psychoactive substances (previously known as Legal Highs).

Nitrous Oxide is a Psychoactive substance and will be treated as such. (See First Aid Provision for safeguarding actions).

This zero tolerance drug policy will be detailed on the event website.

SIA trained supervisors will conduct random searches upon entry for drugs and psychoactive substances and nitrous oxide.

All persons identified with drugs including psychoactive substances will be directed to be assessed by the onsite the medical provision. If any person is subsequently expelled from the event, a record of the expulsion will be made.

Where detention is required due to quantity or suspicion/evidence of drug dealing the police will be contacted via 999.

The DPS and or SIA officer will keep a record of all drug seizures and drug related expulsions.

This shall be recorded in documentary form that will be available for inspection at the request at all reasonable times by an authorised officer from a relevant responsible authority. The records will be retained for at least 12months.

The police will be contacted with regards to the disposal of seized drugs.

No traders selling psychoactive substances or similar will be

permitted on the premises.

How do I get thrown out ?

Under-age drinking, taking drugs, being a drunken nuisance, blasting your stereo, noise after midnight and generally bringing a bad attitude to proceedings: all are not looked upon sympathetically by our security teams, and you could find yourself the lonely side of the entrance very quickly.